Daily EDC and often wear a few watch

Concerned about SMZDM is swiss replica watches also a long time, and occasionally in the APP side of the browser, see a lot of people EDC, just EDC is also a personal favorite part of the link, although the replica watch things are always limited, but everyone's personality is also in the jigsaw pizza, can be seen. Today, time, also took a few times with my mobile phone EDC, I carry little things every day, summed up, will bring about 5 things, mobile phones, wallets, watches, cups and pens. The other keys, the camera and the backpack are generally put in the car, so there is no into the lens. Cups and pens will occasionally put the office, so separate introduction. Daily EDC and often wear a few watchs Mobile phones, uk replica watches and wallet should be considered always around, but also the true sense of the EDC, the phone is iphone6 ​​plus 16G. Watch will be with a tape, the picture is Panerai 000, the rest of the time will be a few pieces for Dai Dai, wallet is a long section of the BV, I bought in foreign countries, the price of about 4K, specifically forgot, The domestic links are as follows Daily EDC and often wear a few pieces of watch Bottega Veneta Baoti Ka BV men long wallet dark gray leather 316005 V4651 20156100 yuan Jingdong direct link Buy long money because they do not like the money was folded. I personally feel no matter what to buy, in their own economic circumstances allowed to step in place, it is not a waste. Daily EDC and often wear a few watchs Followed by a pencil bag, MontBlanc three loaded in the Jingdong to find the same paragraph with two loaded, we can only test under the pen bag more stiff, permanent and will not be deformed