Ellandi - What's in a name?

Posted by Morgan on 15th Aug 2008
We are continuously asked, what does Ellandi mean? So I thought I would finally dispel the myth that it has anything to do with Leeds United.

In searching for a name we decided to go for something metaphorical. Poncey, pretentious, pointless - guilty as charged. Yet, surely better than being yet another property company called London & Something?

So, we were about to launch a business focused on property and finance into the middle of a credit crisis and a property crash. A harsh, inhospitable and even hostile environment for any fledgling business.

Yet nature shows that there is a continuous process of succession, adaption and survival. Where an environment changes and the dominant species dies it is rapidly replaced by new species, who can adapt to the environment, put down routes, grow and prosper.

One such species is the Indian Jujube Tree or the 'Ellandi' as it is known in Tamil and Malayalam (languages of Southern India.) This tree is an important tree in the dry regions. It has learnt to grow rapidly on poor dry soil, where little else survives.

Having grown the Ellandi provides well for the local population. It generates fruit for human consumption, animals will garise on its leaves and its timber is used for both construction and fuel. The Ellandi also has medicinal value being used to counter infection, nausea and even syphilis.

We hope that our business will mirror the humble Ellandi in many ways. Putting down routes in a harsh environment, growing quickly and delivering a bountiful harvest. Obviously keeping us syphilis free will be an added bonus.

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