A Good Face For Radio

Posted by Mark on 26th Mar 2011
I fear that I may have been drunk at 7.15 on Thursday morning.  Frankly its the way I can rationalise the fact that George Osborne seemed to come across quite well on Radio 5.  That being said, its usually the sight of the smug, chinless, Bullingdon Boy that causes my right hand to involuntarily start searching for something to throw at the television.

I was clearly still inebriated when I reached the office, as I shared this revelation with Morgan, who looked at me strangely.

My growing despair at politicians of all political hues was healthily restored when I thought through Gideon's new policies in respect of housing, which is clearly more than he has done.  The sheer lunacy of putting £250m aside to "help" people ram themselves to the gunnels with debt, just as interest rates are about to rise, to buy something that they can't afford, whilst at the same time loosening planning policy to bring prices down over the medium term, beggars belief.

Token gestures such as First Buy or 1p of a litre of petrol, smack of the sort of grandstanding that Gordon Brown used to love, before he left to start a career in light (and I mean very light) comedy and are nearly as socialist.

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