I'll Drink to That, Or Maybe Not

Posted by Mark on 26th Jul 2011
We've clearly have been a little remiss in respect of blogging, frankly we've been a bit busy. As a result though, in the next few days Ellandi should exchange contracts on a couple of more deals which will take our tally in a couple of months to three, with a combined asset value of c.£75m.

Perhaps not.

All deals take longer than ever before (see my previous rant below) so on exchange you might expect to hear the popping of bottles of bubbly to celebrate what will be a bit of a game changer for Ellandi.

Probably not.

Given that most deals have the average gestation period of an elephant foetus with agoraphobia, the immediate feeling is now one of relief, more "Put the kettle on Morgan" than "Put the Krystal on ice", which is quickly followed by the internal stewards enquiry into "Oh god, have we paid to much?"

Hopefully not.

Nina will then remind me how much work we have to do to get up to speed on the Asset Management and we will then start the process of adding enough value to be able to repay our investors a decent priority return, in the hope that we will then make some profit in about 5 years time; unless of course in the meantime the market bounces back and we can flip them on.

Definitely not.

So should you see any of us stumbling around the West End in the next few days, we're just drowning our sorrows caused by the depressing thought of having to buy some more stuff.


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