Average Height of Ellandi Increased. Considerably.

Posted by Mark on 11th Oct 2011
We are genuinely delighted to welcome Mike Wimble to the team who is joining us from Cushman and Wakefiled Investors.  He has a lifetime of retail property experience that started agency, like Mark he is one of a select few who worked for both Churstons and Dalgleish, then moved client side to Halledale before moving up the quality curve to look after Centre MK.

The only slight drawback is that his appointment may invalidate our claim to be the shortest, but perfectly formed, Investment Management team in the UK.

Morgan commented "We may have to get him to flatten down his spiky hair, not cause he that much taller than us, honest, its just I don't think its a suitable style for someone in his mid 30's.  No, honest...."


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