Posted by Morgan on 17th Oct 2011
I don't really want to talk about it!

All the genuine messages of support and condolence from the English are nice but can you all stop mentioning it now, please.

Front page of the Western Mail sum's it up perfectly. wm-headline

Slightly more balanced that a headline on a Welsh paper yesterday that simply said "Alain Pierre Rolland." The truth is we were still good enough to win with 14 men and can only blame ourselves when we missed so many kicks.

You have to be brave to be a goal kicker - it is glory or hell. I am still haunted by kicks I missed that cost games 15 years ago and none of those was in a world cup semi final. I hate to think what is going through Hook, Halfpenny and Jones' head this week but the boys did great.

Lifting the world cup at Twickers in 2015 will make up for it.....

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