2012 Reasons to Be Cheerful

Posted by Mark on 31st Dec 2011
Well obviously not two thousand and twelve reasons to be cheerful, as due to my black, misanthropic, heart and frankly the need to look after the kids, I will limit my musing to just twelve sunshine-filled, positive thoughts for the New Year:

1) The London Olympics will be a great success, lifting the gloom of what will be a bloody awful spring.

2) Faced with the abyss of euro disintegration, Germany will blink and allow the ECB to "monetize."

3)This will eventually lead to rampant inflation in Europe which is good for UK property (allegedly.) Hurrah!

4) Sunderland will win the FA cup, beating Chelsea 3-0 in the final.  Martin O'Neil Knighted for services to lost causes.

5) The death of High Street will have been grossly exaggerated; Ms Portas will claim sole credit.

6) The London residential market will continue to defy gravity (this is pure wishful thinking due to my purchase of a new house in 5 days time.)

7) The banks will start selling their defaulting loan positions into the market at realistic pricing (Morgan and I have been saying this for four years and we have got to be right eventually?  Please?)

8 ) Ellandi will move office; partly due to needing more space and largely due to needing aircon.

9) I will get my weight below 14 stone.  Even more unlikely than 4.

10) America will lead the West out of recession H2 based on a resurgent manufacturing base and self sufficiency in energy from shale gas and oil.  Obama being re-elected helps.

11) Kate and Wills get pregnant leading to a baby boom and recovery in Mothercare share price (Disclosure: The columnist may hold shares in the above company.)

12) My five year old son Joe learns to love to lie-in and no longer gets up every morning at 6.

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