Team Kettering is a 'cut' above the rest....

Posted by Morgan on 1st Feb 2012

Ellandi hosted a, belated (and slightly alternative), celebration of acquiring the Newlands Centre in Kettering at the Ginger Pig Butchers.

Should you trust a group of surveyors, lawyers and general property spivs with super sharp meat cleaver and red wine - probably not but they did.

Under the careful guidance of master butchers, Perry and Borat (yes, really), we were shown how to carve up a cow. It appears that butchery and surgery are very similar skills. As Pete Mather commented - "I now appreciate my buthcher has more skills than I do."

We all now know the difference between a Wing Rib and a Fore Rib and where to cut the best T-bone. We were even allowed loose on the meat ourselves and took home a French Dressed Rib butchered by our own hands. Quite handy with my in-laws coming this weekend.

Most importantly, we were fed a huge plate of beef washed down with red wine and followed with Chocolate Braed and Butter Pudding. There was some lettuce but I think everyone avoided that.....Safe to say that we were fat pigs at the Ginger Pig.

It was a great night out and a good way to thank everyone for all thier hard work on the Kettering acquisition. It was also great to report that things are going really well at Newlands.

If any carnivores fancy this

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