Why I fecking love this job (sometimes)

Posted by Mark on 11th Dec 2012

Can I introduce you to Sheila?

She’s a Nailsea local who is passionate about arts and crafts.


She approached us a couple of years ago to ask if she could use a couple of our vacant units to showcase local artistic talent.  We agreed as this saved us a couple of quid in rates and brought a bit of life to a quiet part of The Crown Glass Centre.We hadn’t quite appreciated that she is one woman whirlwind of community engagement and entrepreneurship.  The Blue Room (www.theblueroom.moonfruit.com ) her shop/social phenomena is now a base for all sorts of “goings-on” promoting and encouraging local artists.


I haven’t met David, but he is an “eco-woodworker,” but when he’s not making amazing furniture from reclaimed wood he looks after his profoundly disabled daughter. 


With Sheila’s encouragement he sold a few pieces and it went so well he has just opened a study to produce pieces full time from home.


I understand that David is one of a growing band of locals setting up business with the support Sheila and her daughters have given them.So we back a local with a crazy idea, two years letter other people are setting up businesses.Sheila is going to start paying us rent next year too.


This is why I sometimes fecking love this job.


PS If you want to speak to Dave about his furniture his email is [email protected]

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