Operation New Dawn

Posted by Alex Brooker on 13th Feb 2013

Despite approaching the half century milestone, I still sought that buzz you get from the chase and kill, even if the heart now tends to beat faster than it should. As an avid follower of Jack Reacher, watcher of 24 and supporter of our armed services, Operation New Dawn was born.  

As relative new guys on the block, the young guns at Ellandi were definitely on the target list to deliver that vision. With the existing portfolio of 6 schemes, more under offer and the desire, financial support and expertise to expand further this was the place to be.  

A month in and the education process continues, especially in the field of hi-tech communication and social media. Even I can cope with the mobile, i-pad, laptop and internet but Ellandi take this to the next level with Facebook, Twitter, blogging and extensive use of internet marketing.  

The focus on each asset, the detailed approach to maximising returns and the aspiration to be the best in class in all aspects of investment management makes this a great place to be even if the retail sector is taking a bashing at this time in the cycle of life.  

At all levels, Operation New Dawn can be judged a success and, however dark it may be when the alarm goes, there is a real drive to be part of the future.

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