The Race for Space

Posted by Ellandi on 11th Jun 2015

On Thursday 11th June, Ellandi Director Jonathan Robson took the stage alongside BCSC President and CEO of Hammerson, David Atkins in a debate over the provision of Shopping Centre retail space and whether it represents a considerable “oversupply”. 

 The key theme centred around the complementary role that Community Shopping Centres play to that of regional centres in a consumer environment and touched upon the polarisation of retail spend  between regionally dominant and more locally dominant convenience centres. 

“Community shopping centres” are defined as centre’s that dominate the local catchment. Such schemes generally command a higher frequency of visit than their regionally dominant counterparts being highly accessible by foot, car and public transport. 

Robson argued that Community Centres provide a blend of convenience retail/A3 and other local services (eg library, health centre) creating a compelling everyday local shopping experience.  

Recent research has demonstrated that approximately 90% of click & collect customers collect from the retailer’s own store and approximately 60% purchase additional items in store as part of that visit. 

Atkins identified that click & collect is the greatest growth area for online and serves to re-purpose physical space in a positive way. 

Thus, multi-channel retailing has reinforced the role of Community Shopping Centres in providing the necessary local store presence both to service Click and Collect customers and allowing retailers to capture further sales. 

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