Sensory Shopping Days make a difference in shopping centres

Posted by Ellandi on 5th Mar 2018

Last year Workman and Ellandi ran a series of Sensory Shopping Days across twelve of their shopping centres, each hosting and taking part in various events aimed to make the centres more welcoming and comfortable places for people with autism and other sensory processing conditions, as well as their accompanying family and friends. The initiative was a great success, with many centres seeing increases in footfall on those days.  As a result of the events, a wealth of positive feedback was received from the public, including the following;    

“This is a great idea, I wish every shopping centre could have something like this for when I go shopping with my nephew who has Asperger Syndrome”

“This is a fantastic idea. May seem like small changes to some but trust me sometimes the small things make a world of difference”

“I can guarantee that there is a parent in this room who never thought they’d come to a place like this with their child or a parent who’s walked out of a place like this in tears as their child either didn’t cope or someone else didn’t cope with their child”

“We discovered that it was ‘Sensory Sunday’… a lovely surprise that both Leo and I appreciated! The music was quiet or off, the atmosphere was relaxed and for Leo, the best bit… the hand dryers had been switched off!”

"Parents and carers are loving Sensory Sundays as they are able to go shopping as a family which for some they have not been able to do in many years. Long may it continue."

"Well done! These small adjustments make all the difference to our children and others struggling with sensory issues for all kinds of reasons. The fact that it is a regular day and not just a one-off event is great. The fact that you are taking this event further by training your staff and offering a variety of inputs is just brilliant."  

Ellandi is incredibly proud of the number of shopping centres that have been eager to get involved and the effort the centre management teams put in to make them a success.  The Sensory Shopping Days and other similar events have continued into 2018. 

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