Knitters donate 50 teddy bears to Queen's Hospital's bereavement team

Posted by Ellandi on 5th Oct 2018

Fifty hand knitted teddy bears were donated to a hospital ward for grieving parents.

The bears, knitted by The Mercury Mall’s weekly breakfast club members, were delivered to the Snowdrop Room in Queen’s Hospital, Romford, on Tuesday, October 2.

The Snowdrop Room comforts grieving parents of stillborn babies. The teddy bears are given in pairs – one is laid with the baby and the other is given to the parents.

Natalie Bays, deputy centre manager of Mercury Mall, Romford, said: “The breakfast club comprises a very kind and caring group of ladies.

“They have been working for months to give some comfort at what is a very difficult time for local parents, this being one of many philanthropic projects, having recently been involved in knitting blankets for premature babies and twiddlemuffs for people living with dementia.

“They are keen to continue to support the Queens Hospital in future, especially with the bereavement teams emotive cause.”

The Mercury Mall’s Breakfast Club meets every Monday at 10 am in Caffe Della Terra.

The club offers people a chance to develop new skills, meet new people, or catch up with old friends, and is often involved in charitable projects.

Carol Fletcher, the mall’s helpdesk ambassador and breakfast club knitter, said: “We would like to thank the dedicated bereavement team at Queen’s Hospital for allowing us to visit them to hand over the lovely teddies.”

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