Retail Matters: Amanda's Story - at Parkway Shopping Centre

Posted by Ellandi on 12th Oct 2018

Amanda and her brand Bella Bambini have been here at the centre for the past 4 years selling Spanish children’s clothing.

“I was a hairdresser for about 10 years and I just wanted a change. I thought about what I could do and was inspired by my own children. When I was looking at what I could sell, these clothes from Spain really appealed to me as it was something different which you can’t get around here.”  

Amanda has really benefited from being here at the Centre and also with being here for so long, has seen how the centre has grown in the past 4 years.

 “The centre has since helped me. When I started I was doing 3 days a week. In January 2016, Zoe (the Centre Manager) asked me to trial for 8 weeks at no increase in rent, I then did this and it was great!

I then agreed to be a trader in the centre and negotiated a reasonable rent with Zoe. The centre has been a huge support, by investing in my retail merchandise unit, they let me design to suit my business and they really support me and my business with social media/competitions /marketing etc.

Trade is really good here and I have built up a good reputation for my brand. I have made a lot of friends and I have some really loyal customers who I enjoy having a chat with. The centre itself has grown so much since I started. It feels more professional now and it’s great that some bigger chain shops have come here like Boyes and The Works

I hope to maybe expand my business in the future and go into another shopping centre. However I don’t want to leave here as I have built a good reputation and it would be a risk for me to leave!"

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