Accessibility to all

Posted by Ellandi on 6th Nov 2018

For most us, shopping is a way of relaxing and socialising. However, for people with learning or physical disabilities mean that sometimes shopping centres can become harder to access and can be intimidating.  

Our shopping centres are committed to supporting the needs of disabled consumers and encourage sustainable changes in their business practices that improve customer experience over the long term. 

Purple Tuesday, the UK’s accessible shopping day has been welcomed and supported by retailers and the shopping centre industry.  In the lead up to the launch of this initiative on Tuesday 13th November, our centres have signed up to participate in special training for all their staff.  Various initiatives are taking place on the day at our centres.

Centres have worked hard and have launched or are launching detailed accessibility information on their websites in readiness for this day.  The information provides visual and written facts on how the centre has made provisions to welcome people with different disabilities.  

Earlier this year staff were trained by local groups such as Dementia Friends, National Autistic Society and other local charities and groups to ensure that they felt more comfortable dealing with and approaching customers who may be experiencing difficulties in the shopping centres. Some even took to learning basic sign language too and where possible were getting the retailers themselves on board to reduce or turn off music and to join in on the training.   

“The human scale of community shopping centres allows people with disabilities and those with none, to easily access their local town’s amenities.  It's great to see our onsite staff so enthusiastic about wanting to welcome and make comfortable all of our customers with varying needs.” Added Ruth Moorhouse who asset manages a number of schemes involved at Ellandi.


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