Christmas is a time for thinking about others

Posted by Ellandi on 20th Dec 2018

In August 2018, the centre management team at Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre visited The Friendly Inn; a local care home that supports and cares for 30 residents, some of who may be living with dementia. After a positive visit and a good, eye-opening chat with the care home manager, we forged a link between the centre and The Friendly Inn and we have agreed to start working closely with them.  

The care home hold regular fundraising events to enable residents to have some luxuries in life, from weekly shopping visits to the centre, to day trips to the seaside, to gifts at Christmas. We recently donated them a TV set when theirs broke, giving the residents a little something extra to pass the day. We have also set up Monthly Coffee Mornings– with a twist; on the second Wednesday of every month, we will host a coffee morning for the residents of The Friendly Inn. We will supply hot drinks and cakes and spend some time having a chat with the residents. However, some months will differ where we will perhaps organise for the residents to have their styled at one of our salons, or maybe go shopping for a new book.  

We kicked off the monthly initiative by having Christmas dinner with the residents last Wednesday, at Asda Café. 21 residents came for dinner, plus care home staff and also one of the residents family members – it also turned out to be a residents birthday, so that was a nice bonus.    

We are hoping to encourage the retailers to become involved with the monthly initiatives, which in return will raise awareness in identifying individual needs of people who are living with dementia. This will also enable the centre to be trained in how to support our customers with needs and overall, provide a much easier shopping experience for our community.  

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