Posted by Ellandi on 3rd Apr 2019

Ellandi, UK’s leading investor in community shopping centres, is delighted to announce their three 2018 award winners at their annual Centre Management Conference. 

Richard Barker of Barker Proudlove was presented with Ellandi Partner of the year Award. ‘As a business we are blessed with having the services of some of the best consultants in the UK. Barker Proudlove are a key partner to the Business here dealing with a number of schemes focussing in the North of England’ says Alex Brooker, Asset Management Director. “Ellandi was appointed to deal with Grosvenor Shopping Centre in Chester in September 2017. It was a natural choice to instruct Barker Proudlove to replace the incumbent agents who had been working on the scheme for years.

This is always a risk as there is the potential for a loss of historical knowledge. However, Richard lead the team from the outset making a strong impact and was instrumental in relocating HMV that had been a target for almost 2 years prior within 3 months of instruction.” Richard continues to be a vocal supporter of the Business and we have found him to be dedicated to the cause, even when occasionally “curved balls” are thrown at him.”

Further recipients of their awards went to Spencer Hawken of The Mercury Mall, Romford for Best Community Engagement Project.  Innovatively linking this platform to the Smart Rewards digital app, this multifaceted project was led from a desire to further develop a centre that had already maximised its standard “green” potential.  In addition, it has informed our customers to be more environmentally aware, friendly and active. To maximise awareness, the project was launched alongside a community well being initiative, “1 Million Steps for First Step” where (unofficially) the centre broke a world record, with the community for the fastest time one million steps have been made on one spot.  This also helped to raise c.£1,500 for a local charity that looks after the well being of children who are unwell or are living with a disability.    

And finally, the Centre Manager of the Year was awarded to Richard Hurst of White River Place, St Austell.    This year’s winner has been the Elected Chair of the Town Bid for last 2 years. His influence ensures that the shopping centre receives significant value for money on the marketing budget as most of the initiatives revolve around the scheme. Richard is a Committee member of the Town Economic Forum and this has led to opening lines of communication for additional funding for public realm in the town centre. Through his network base he has ensured events such as the White Gold Festival, BBC Music Day & St. Perrins Day have been held in the Centre.

Alex Brooker says, “There are many talented individuals and teams within our extended community which made the decision difficult in choosing these worthy winners.”

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