Organic Finance?

Posted by Morgan on 24th Jun 2008
It’s amazing how things have changed in my kitchen. My fridge is full of products made especially for me by my friends - Rachel sends me lovely organic Yoghurt from West Wales, a farmer called Geoff grows my potatoes and my milk comes from Daisy and Dotty, two happy organic cows who lives on Hilltop Farm in West Sussex. We even have nice instructions on how to cook our food written by my old mucker Jamie.

The one thing you struggle to find is anything made my Proctor & Gamble, Nestle or Unilever – the dastardly food giants that bring us GM crops and food additives.

It seems Britain has decided that we like our food to be personalised and at least to provide the impression it is green, friendly and local.

Is the financial world about to go the same way?

Citi the world’s largest financial institution was the poster boy for global consolidation in financial services after Citicorp merger with Travelers in 1998. Bout today even the mighty Citi is now trimming down and disposing of parts of its global empire. Many of the global banks are facing calls from investors, analysts and regulators to break up their businesses, to maximise value or to improve their risk controls.

The breakdown of the capital markets will undermine the ability of the bulge bracket banks to dominate the corporate advisory business through offering privileged access to its balance sheet and capital markets businesses.

Property companies may also see a trend towards specialisation. Land Securities continues to work on breaking up its business into its component parts and Capital and Regional has announced it is moving away from fund management to focus on specific projects.

Will the business environment follow my fridge with the re-emergence of the niche players, who provide expert, impartial and specialist advice with a personalised service.

Only time will tell... Either way, back at Ellandi, Mark and Morgan are happy to help...

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