Now That's What I Call Whinging

Posted by Mark on 2nd Aug 2008
Richard Lander on Citywire rightly feels that housebuilders should stop complaining about their current predicament and demanding state aid.

Thankfully Sir James Crosby agrees with them, so no Fannie or Freddie requiring huge state subsidy for us then.

Perhaps they would be more succesful if they had an advocate on prime time TV, like Jim Cramer on CNBC. 

In this now imfamous rant he screams that Ben Bernanke "Has no idea what's like out there" and asks for the rate cuts and the discount window to be opened; and lo the Fed eventually obliged.

It's quality viewing, for the first 2 minutes he simmers along and then just loses it.

Bernanke, Wake Up!

I love this guy, far more entertaining than the unbearibly smug Robert "I broke the Northern Rock story 20 seconds before Sky" Penston on the BBC.

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