Hello, Hello: Good to be Back

Posted by Mark on 2nd Sep 2008
Well not if you're Gary Glitter or for that matter anyone in the property industry returning from holiday hoping that things were going to be different in September.  

I've just got back from the ususal short, restfull break in Ibiza; kids are far more tiring than clubbing ever was.

I went to Pacha once, after which one wag back in London asked if they have an OAP section in addition to a VIP section; I am in fact 4 years younger than Roger Sanchez, thank you very much Mr Tilbury.

I actually came back in a positive frame of mind about driving the business forward and was delighted to see the government talking up our collective prospects.  I don't know what Alistair Darling has against 1948; having looked into this I can confirm that exactly 60 years ago was a good year for petrol heads; the Land Rover was invented, and a bad year for bald Indian pacifists; Ganhdi was assisinated.

But at least, James Max, The People's Champion, is here to save us all from the bank's and right their many wrongs. 

How not having a successful career in property and then not winning a reality TV program, qualifies you as a TV pundit and journalist is quite beyond me.

To busy to see you James? 

I'm sure Sir Fred Goodwin would love to make time to see some bloke who came third in The Apprentice three years ago if wasn't tied up watching big brother, eating orphans and drowning kittens.

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