And now for something different, irrational optimism.

Posted by Mark on 14th Oct 2008
It's 6.00am. May 14th 2010.

Our hero awakes, slightly hungover following his 39th birthday.  Still, he thinks, not too shabby, as he looks down at his six pack, running his fingers through his still thick, luxurious, curly hair.

The radio confirms what everyone had know for some time, Gordon has romped home with a record landslide.  He breathes a sigh of gratitude, thanks to his brave and decisive leadership President Brown is widely acknowledged as having single handedly pulled the world economy back from the brink during the short 2008 correction.

He turns right to his wife and kisses her gently on the cheek, she certainly rediscovered her mojo following the "augementation", he turns to his left and gently kisses Kate Moss on the cheek, who was he to complain when she had asked for an "open" relationship.

Jogging downstairs into his Belgravia kitchen, he turns on the television.  PestoTV is reporting that New York has once again closed on record highs, this was now getting embarrassing, he would have to set up yet another charitable trust to distribute his massive wealth.

His blackberry watch vibrates, it's his 8 year old daughter emailing from Oxford university.....................

OK, OK, pretty fanciful stuff, especially the six pack bit, but given the stock markets equally euphoric (possibly unhinged) performance over the last 24 hours, anything seems possible.

Unfortunately, even if the long overdue, but admittedly far reaching steps taken by central governments are successful in saving Western capitalism, most sensible commentators are still predicting a recession worse than the early 1990's.

But, and I'll put my neck out, as Churchill said, this may not be the beginning of the end, but may mark the end of the beginning of this crises.

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