Debretts Update Please

Posted by Mark on 9th Oct 2008
Unfortunately neither Morgan or I went to the right sort of school, so our manners sometimes leave something to be desired; we don't eat with our mouths open, but elbows are usually on the table.

Having said that, there is one area of etiquette that I don't think Debretts covers, so we're a bit unsure of what the polite course of action is. 

Namely, when a company goes bust, how long is it polite to leave it before you phone your mate there?

This might, of course, be to see if they're fine, but it might be made awkward if he knows (and you do) that it is a business opportunity for your company, and let's be frank you weren't actually that good friends in the first place.

The Germans, I am sure, will have a wonderful literal word to cover this along the lines of "schadenmakeamarkfrommienedistressenfruede."

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