Xmas Cards, in all shapes and sizes

Posted by Morgan on 16th Dec 2008
Hopefully you have received your Ellandi Xmas card. (If not its on the Ellandi Christmas Card page.) 

We felt that light hearted banter was the way to deliver a little festive cheer after a fairly depressing 2008. But there are a number of alternatives (and obviously no right or wrongs.) I thought I would share my two favourites to date.

Christmas irony was delivered by Sheffield Hamworth, the recruitment consultant, who choose a Bull as their 2008 offering. Bulls were definitely the logo of 2006 not 2008, surely no one knows that better than a recruitment consultant? Maybe the Bears were too busy rampaging through the financial markets to pose for Xmas cards?

Well here is the card...

On a far more sober note, we got this from Postbank. Proving that no one does fun and festive better than our German friends...


We would love to see the best and worst offerings from your collection of cards. E-mail them to me ([email protected]) and they'll get a place on the blog.

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