Ronson v Cahill, I know who my money's on.....

Posted by Mark on 9th Apr 2009
I've been more than a little remiss in posting recently, but I'm happy to say that it's a reflection of how hard we have been working; I'm quite confident that the volume of opportunities we're now working on will lead to some very exciting business towards the end of the year.

Thankfully I was shaken out of my blogging torpor by Julia Cahill's "Leader" in this weeks Estates Gazette.

It must come as some relief to workers in the most reviled of jobs, estate agents, traffic wardens, MPs and even journalists, that they can now hold their heads high at dinner parties and say "well at least I'm not a banker."

However it takes some chutzpah to use your weekly opining to firstly "dis" Gerald Ronson's views and then go on to brand most of her readership as infantile.

Using the lazy metaphor of "kids in candy stores" not only displays woolly thinking and a profound lack of understanding of how property finance works, but is pretty patronising to most of the industry.

Heaping further aprobrium on banks is yesterday's story, perhaps the property press should speand more time trying to understand the dynamics of what drives the issues that they print and move beyond "top and tailing" corporate press releases and regurgitating them as "news"?

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