The Wisdom of Gore Vidal

Posted by Mark on 17th Jun 2009
The great wit once said "Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little."

I was therefore looking forward to the potential restorative powers of seeing financial disaster unfold in my very own living room, as I sat down with a large cup of schadenfreude, to watch the lovely Sarah Beaney in Property Snakes and Ladders.

There was clearly potential to improve my constitution in watching a couple of happless Candy Bros. (TM), wanabees, bring in projects both over time, and budget, in a crashing market.

However it would appear that the prospect of financial Armageddon has resulted in the the assembled backing singers and graffiti artists actually taking the permanently pregnant presenters advice.  Now where is the fun in that I ask you!?!?

As a result, disappointingly, both schemes this week, actually made a profit.

It would appear that to revel in others misfortune, I will have to start watching Eastenders or maybe even Prime Ministers Question Time.

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