Leading From the Front

Posted by Mark on 22nd Jul 2009
Whilst I have no truck for self help books, I do enjoy reading the odd business biography or books on the psychology of investing.

It's fair to say that Gerald Ronson's autobiography, with the above title, will never rival Branson's inspirational rhetoric or the psychological insights into investing of George Soros' books, however it clips along at a fair old pace and covers clearly a long, but a lot more varied career than I had, at first, assumed. 

Some might say he can come across as chippy, painting himself as an outsider, when from many peoples' perspective he is the epitome of a property establishment figure and I agree with his wife, he is clearly far from the simple man he claims to be.

What else would you expect in a man who has fought in street battles against fascists, mixed with celebrities and royalty, lost a billion, gone to prison and then made back a billion for his investors.

He is also a committed developer, which is my background and is often derided as a mugs game by successful property investors.

Apart from a few diverting hours on a sun lounger in Ibiza, I have taken two things from this book; first is the confirmation of my suspicion that I am not an entrepreneur, I don't have the stomach or inspiration to run other businesses, I am a business man in property and second is to stop agonising of what other people think of me, if I am sure I am doing the right thing by my own principals. 

So watch out world.

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