Got any Guru Josh?

Posted by Mark on 5th Aug 2009
Those who follow the "hit parade" may have heard the worldwide smash hit single Guru Josh Project Infinity 2008  Older "cheesy quavers" might even remember the original version from 1989. 

The Guru's (real name Paul) publicity machine has explained away the intervening 19 years by outlining various new media projects he was involved over this period.  It strangely doesn't mention his "lost years" as a comically bad satellite installation man in Ibiza, during which time he was living in a caravan.

Years of DJing and "high living" had left Paul deaf and completely bonkers, but a nice enough guy who I wish well with his second shot at the big time.

This level of revisionism, has also been very evident in the property industry recently.

In a number of recent examples, that David Irving would have been proud of, property CV's have been completely re-written to completely excise entire businesses that might damage some high profile reputations; fund managers with bankrupt subsidiaries, lauded entrepreneurs with entire portfolios of disastrous opco-propco investments, etc.....

At the end of the day it would appear that good PR is money well spent, after all they say, history is written by the victors.

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