To blog or not to blog?

Posted by Mark on 26th Apr 2010
Is not actually the question I am often asked, but "Why do you bother?"  is.

The corporate answer is that when we set up our blog, Morgan and I wanted to to have a forum to interact with our various partners in a dynamic manner which would lead to an evolving discourse on property and related matters.

A practical answer is that it is a really cheap way of updating our website, on a regular basis, without having to pay Underscore every time we do it.

The real reason is that I am a megalomaniac, narcissist, who thinks that just because my inane ramblings are on the web, it makes me feel important.  I managed to con my business partner into agreeing with this because, despite being a wizz with spreadsheets, he has no idea about computers or indeed most things invented last couple of decades.

And on all three counts it actually works; people do read it before meeting us to have something to talk about, it costs us nothing and I have saved a fortune in therapy (although Morgan still struggles with even an iPhone).

However an obvious problem is that when you put your thoughts "out there" on record, for ever, it's very easy for people to remind you when you are frequently proved incorrect by subsequent events.  A recent example being my prediction that a hung parliament would lead to financial armageddon; it's nice to think that Ken Clarke now agrees with me, however the fact that 10 year bond yields are back below 4.00% probably means that we are both wrong.  There again, even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

In my defence, who could have predicted that Greece would make our fiscal incontinence look like the financial rectitude of a parsimonious Scottish ministers son (surely some mistake with this analogy too)?

A final apology to Nick Prew of Nomura, who I thought in the depths of the crash was being ludicrously bullish on property shares (see "Prew on Prozac"), although it is now worth noting that he has now gone all grizzly.

And in respect of the megolmania, I might need real therapy if we win the Newcomer of the Year award tonight.....

UPDATE: We didn't win, it was won by some upstart called Nick Leslau.

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