Agency is Urgency

Posted by Mark on 16th Mar 2011
Or so I was always told, another good one is "Retail is detail."

I've got a new one:

"Agents forwarding information when you're in the middle of a deal without proffering an opinion on the content or more often, I suspect, never even opening the attachment, makes my teeth itch."

OK it needs a bit work and could be a little more snappy, but I think it sums up what I've been thinking recently.  Also to be fair we're in a couple of very good off market deals, that even Morgan will be delighted to pay over full acquisition fees totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds, but I sometimes have a little smile to myself when an agent one minute is claiming to be single handedly driving the deal through/heroically holding it together/etc., when effectively being little more than an electronic post box.

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