They'll Never Take Me Alive!!!!

Posted by Mark on 16th Mar 2011
My name has now been entered into the records as a wanton criminal, a legacy of Mr Blair's police state.

For the crime of very slowly moving through a red light (far slower than a pedestrian), a fraction before it turns green, on a pedestrian crossing, on a deserted side road, my name has been entered into a some Stazi-esque list in the bowls of New Scotland Yard.  The only danger occurred when the miniature plastic policewoman leapt from behind a BT signal box (yes she really was that small) into my path as a crawled along.  Fortunately I was able to stop in time to prevent her being mashed beneath my low-profile, puncture-resistant "Armadillos".

Many thanks to my other road warrior acquaintances who shouted support:

"Get a life", "You must be so proud officer", etc.....

I have additionally been warned that in the near future REAL policemen or women will be monitoring the area and give out out REAL tickets!  Which in this age of austerity I am sure you will agree is a great use of taxpayers money, although I am sure the plod will appreciate the overtime.

Apparently there is an on the spot £80 fine for abusing a police officer.

In that case saying:

"For [email protected]*ks sake you jumped up little pr!ck, why don't you p!ss off and do something socially useful, like catch the [email protected] who keyed my car last week, you [email protected]?"

Will be money well spent.

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