When failure is a good thing....

Posted by Morgan on 8th Aug 2011
An amusing retail anecdote, not many of these around these days.

Best Buy - the American electronic giant intending to take the UK by storm. They are rolling out their own distinctive store format of a huge blue box with a yellow Best Buy tag on the side. This category killer will apparently transform the way we shop for gadgets.

Well the way they shop (at least this weekend) in Enfield is quite extreme. The riots there have apparently destroyed that Enfield retail park, I am told by someone on site, that it is like a war zone and almost everything from Curry's has been stolen.

(As a political aside, this is all the proof anyone needs that this weekends riots are wanton violence lead by a desire to steal and destroy rather than a political statement; no one ever delivered a political message or anything of any depth on a retail park!)

Across the car park from the debris that was Curry's, sits a brand new fully stocked Best Buy, apparently totally untouched. Obviously the locals have not got the message that Best Buy is the place to go for your electronic needs. So a total PR failure to launch its store transpires to be a blessing.

Maybe they aimed for 0% market penetration amongst the criminally minded?

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