Location, Luck and Timing

Posted by Mark on 15th Mar 2012
As I have blogged before, the above triptych is more relevant than location, location, location when it comes to the most important three things in assessing a property opportunity.

In respect of Timing, I read a couple of things yesterday that made me look forward towards a potentially prosperous late middle age.

Firstly was John Plender's statement of the bleedin' obvious, which is still nonetheless true, that \\"Another Property Boon and Bust Is Inevitable.\\"

And second that Knight Frank research think we are still in the mid 90\\'s in terms of this cycle.

Put these two thesis's together and you have us selling out Ellandi in 2024 for a massive fortune; I'll only be 53, still have my own teeth and will have plenty of time to embarrass keep an eye on my teenage kids in Ibiza.

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