Posted by Mark Robinson on 9th Jun 2012

We recently hosted one of our 6 monthly agents lunches with our most trusted, if not necessarily most trust-worthy, advisors. We always take a “hostage to fortune” poll to see what the market thinks might happen on an issue in the news, so that we can look back and un-mercilessly abuse those who were most wrong. This time we queried:

“Will it all go Pete Tong for Supergroup (Which would involved selling out/drastic restructuring/going pop/etc...) and if so when?”

Only 33% (OK two out of six) felt they were OK, with the spread of when the “event” might occur being as soon as 2013 or as far out as 2017 (they all thought they would be OK in 2016?) amongst the rest.

All those three year rent free packages from 2009 should start to run out this year...

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