Politics and Property

Posted by Mark on 16th Aug 2012
As all three of the regular followers of this blog will have noted, that, as a callow youth (and to be fair far more recently,) I had certain left-wing leaning persuasions.

Oh hell, lets be frank, I was a member of the Labour Party until 2003.

So it was something of a Damascene revelation, when this morning it occured to me, that we only tend to invest in towns with true blue parlimentary representation.

Even better, it is like a roll call of some of the more interesting outskirts of the Tory Party:

-Phillip Hollobone (Kettering) Very indepenant and somewhere to the right wing of even Mike Wimble

-Joe Johnson (Orpington) The clever one (according to Steven Norris at MIPIM)

-Jackie Doyle-Price (Grays) Hates twitter

-Liam Fox (Nailsea) Needs no introduction

-Steve Gilbert (St Austell) Actually he's SDP (or wahetever they are called these day's) but I can't let a mere inconvenient fact get in the way of a blog...

What this means from a politico-philisphical view? I have no idea.

I will ponder whilst on a sunbed in Turkey next week.

Although I strongly suspect that it might just be down to the fact that we tend to invest in small towns in the South of England.


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