Politics and Property II

Posted by Mark on 24th Aug 2012
Thanks to Matt, we now have increased the regular blog follwers by 33%!

So to celebrate, I have peeled myself of a very hot sunlounger (45 c) to write a follow-up to my last post.

Whilst writing the last one, it did occur to me, that there are a number of high profile people who do manage to combine politics and property, in the current market.  I make this destinction as clearly the ownership of land and influence in the running of the country has a clear historic correlation.   So who are the most influencial people who operate in both spheres, outside of those with inherited wealth (that's the commi in me coming out again)....?

-Lord Matthew Oakshot; scourge of his Tory masters, sorry partners. The man behind OLIM, which seems to outperforming the UK economy. Perhaps Gideon should listen?

-Kevin McGrath ; rampantly succesful capitalist and failed Labour MP (so far), helping keeping the the red flag flying through his ownership of The Tribune.

-Mortlock Simmons Brown; obviously not all of them, but one of them was/is a Tory MP, unfortunatley my internet connection is not good enough to do the in depth research.

Well that's one of each flavour, there must be many more.



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