Petty Party Politics Trumps Portas?

8th Nov 2012

In a bizarre twist of fate, Team Ellandi where in the House of Commons, as Peter Bone, MP for East Northamptonshire leapt to his feet like an excited schoolboy.......

OK, there's a bi-election in Corby, that the government is likely to lose and it's hardly their fault that it has been called, but you would like to think that an established MP would have a more constructive input into a debate into Welfare Reform than to make an, at best a childish and at worst misleading, statement about Rushden Lakes.

In a clumsy attempt to accuse Labour Corby council of being "anti-jobs" he decided to omit that fact that the proposals for the massive regional scale shopping park are also opposed by neighbouring Tory councils and MP's, not to mention major existing investors and chambers of commerce.

All are concerned that the proposals, as they stand, will only steal jobs from existing town centres and put back investment plans we are all working hard to deliver.

I found it genuinely depressing that such an important issue should be reduced to the language of "ya-boo" tribalism of the kind you are more likely to see in a primary school playground.

I have therefore written, see the attachment below, to Peter to ask him to correct his "mis-statement" and will let you know if I get a reply.

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