17th Sep 2019

Mark Robinson was in good company as the Keynote speaker at The Big Picture Event, Everyman cinema in Liverpool.  

Repurposing retail space for leisure use. Britain’s high streets continue to face a number of challenges. Much has been written about the continued decline, with many pointing the finger at the growth of online shopping. But is that he only issue? What other factors affect the high street? Why are some towns and cities thriving and others declining? What are the solutions? What is happening abroad?

With the loss of services and smaller retailers, Local Authorities and Property Developers need to repurpose their high streets, making twin visits desirable again, and developing a thriving day and night time economy for everyone. Today’s conference cannot answer all the questions, but with a range of expert speakers and panel, it aims to stir debate and thought whilst providing insights into solutions and successes. Cinema isn’t the only answer, but it can act as a catalyst, attracting other leisure and food and beverage to towns and cities.

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