Our mission is to curate the best possible Town Centre's for the benefit of our local communities, our retailers and our investors.


Ellandi is the UK's leading investment manager of Community Shopping Centres and is privately owned.  This allows our core values of Integrity, Community, Empowerment and Expertise to inform and guide everything we do.


Team Ellandi are all experts with decades of experience, but are still excited and motivated by the positive change we achieve for communities, retailers and investors every day across the UK.


Community Shopping Centres

Value and convenience shopping are recognised as the two main growth channels for physical retail. Yet, for these retail locations to thrive they need to be at the heart of their local community.


When combined with essential civic services and amenities, like health centres, libraries, transport hubs and post offices it creates thriving Community hubs in successful town centres.


We invest in Community Shopping Centres that allow people to shop as part of their modern busy lifestyles. We aim to acquire properties that dominate their local catchments from a retail perspective whilst also being at the centre of other complementary uses.

Savills Research Piece

"Community shopping centres support the local consumer shopping trips. They serve a local catchment, have visitor frequency above that of other retail centres, and have longer dwell times and higher basket spend than might be expected"

Right Sized Retail Offering

Right Sized Retail Offering

Successful Community centres provide an appropriate supply of retail space for their catchment. Typically 150,000 - 350,000 sq ft

Strong Footfall

2-8 MIllion
Strong Footfall 2-8 MIllion

Combination of convenient shopping co-located with core local services generates strong footfall and regular visits. On average an Ellandi scheme gets 6 million visitors per annum. In total the portfolio receives over 160 million annual visits.


Of Customers Visit Weekly

78% Of Customers Visit Weekly

Ease of access and a broad range of products and services that fit into everyday lives create high visit frequency.


National Retailers

70% National Retailers

70% national brands are complemented by independent retailers and local services to create a vibrant Community centre

20,000 - 50,000

Local Resident Catchment

20,000 - 50,000 Local Resident Catchment

The local resident catchment base, which is usually between 20,000 and 50,000 people, is fundamental to the community centre.

Centres Are Typically

£10-75 million
Centres Are Typically £10-75 million

Scale of the assets allow investors to allocate material capital, justify the investment of management time and generate meaningful absolute returns.

Local Dominance

Local Dominance

Successful Community Shopping Centres are locally-dominant retail locations making them the “go to” option for both shoppers and retailers.


Travel under 20 minutes

79% Travel under 20 minutes

Community Shopping Centres are easily accessible by foot, car and public transport, helping to serve a loyal customer base of regular visitors. 79% of our shoppers arrive in less than 20 minutes.

Our Shoppers

Understanding our shoppers drives the decision making of our business. We have an unrivalled knowledge of regional retailing across the UK. This is built on the foundation of years of experience and then honed through unique, proprietary research and data analytics.


Every year Ellandi undertakes the UK's most detailed and geographically diverse intercept survey. This insight about our customers empowers us to build successful trading locations with our retail partners and local stakeholders. This generates out-performance for our investors.

Average spend for trips > 2 hours is

Average spend for trips > 2 hours is £78

Average spend doubles to £78 when a shopper stays two hours. This illustrates scope to grow turnover by creating a greater offer and longer dwell times.

Multiple Reasons To Visit

Spending is based on wide range of essential shopping and provision of services, 46% of customers purchase food and drink each visit. Fashion & Footwear, Health & Beauty, Household and Discount individually attract a purchase rate over 1/5 of our customers.


Visit More Than Once A Week

48% Visit More Than Once A Week

Community Shopping Centres do not compete for retail spend with destination retail centres. 48% visit of our customers visit more than once a week.


Satisfaction Rate

95% Satisfaction Rate

Our schemes reflect the needs of their local community. 95% of customers say they found everything they wanted


Average Spend

£36 Average Spend

Multiply a £36 average spend by high frequency of visit and a 78% purchase rate and you generate a significant spend captured by our retailers.


of catchment are from affluent achievers

17% of catchment are from affluent achievers

Shoppers are purpose driven and come for essential products. Converts to a high purchase rate of 78%.


Travel Less Than 10 Minutes

46% Travel Less Than 10 Minutes

Covnenience is key, and centres fit into modern everyday living patterns, 46% of customers travel less than 10 minutes.

Average Visit Length of

53 Minutes
Average Visit Length of 53 Minutes

Consistent dwell times and on a daily and weekly basis reflect the essential needs-based element of shopping with a 53-minute average dwell time.


Shop For Convenience

65% Shop For Convenience

Convenience is key to shoppers with the immediacy of product fundamental to the offering. 65% rate convenience as their main purpose for visit.


Had A Specific Reason To Visit

56% Had A Specific Reason To Visit

Purpose-based essential shopping is more resilient to consumer speeding changes and underpins the stability of Community Shopping Centres 56% identify a set purpose for their visit shopping with a specific reason.


Do Not Shop Online

45% Do Not Shop Online

The immediacy of product and focus on value requires local physical presence and insulates against the disruptive effect of online retail, 45% of shoppers do not shop online.

Successful Retail Locations

Thriving Community Shopping Centres benefit from the main drivers of retail growth; value and convenience. Being at the heart of their communities they also benefit from being at the centre of everyday life and resultant high footfall.


To thrive, there needs to be an appropriate mix of value, grocery, homeware, health, fashion and retail services, provided by both national and local businesses. This creates an environment where retailers can trade profitably and offering cost-effective, affordable shops underpins our rental sustainability.


Shoppers on a mission

Focused Shoppers on a mission

With a 53 minute average dwell time and a purchase rate of 78% our centres are able to spend their time efficiently and get the products that they need in a convenient manner.


Reasons to Shop

Multiple Reasons to Shop

46% buy food and drink on each visit, reflecting the social and community fulfilment our centres provide.


Retail Spend

Robust Retail Spend

The average customer spends £33.83 on retail goods each visit, highlighting the robust nature of spending which occurs in our centres.


High Frequency Shoppers

Loyal High Frequency Shoppers

78% of customers visit more than once a week, reflecting our focus on convenient and essential shopping.


To Online Shopping

Resiliant To Online Shopping

45% of shoppers do not shop online, reflecting our loyal consumer base


Purchase Rate

High Purchase Rate

78% of our customers make a purchase every time they visit.



Convenient Locations

46% travel under 10 minutes ensuring our centres are convenient to modern lifestyles.


Customer Satisfaction

Happy Customer Satisfaction

Our centres achieved a 95% satisfaction rate, with customers able to find the goods and services they were looking for.

Successful Investments

Unrivalled understanding of our customers, our tenants and UK retail trends allows us to identify outstanding opportunities for our investors.


Acquiring assets at attractive yields, with readily available mortgage finance, leads to exceptional cash returns, often in excess of 10% per annum.


Community Shopping Centres are typically large island sites at the heart of town centres, acquired at low capital values per square foot, they present numerous asset management and (re)development opportunities. This allows us to apply strategic expertise to drive both income and capital value.

Added value

through asset management

Added value through asset management

Community Shopping Centres offer significant scope to add value from both retail and alternative uses. The combination of market opportunity and Ellandi's management expertise offers exciting opportunity to increase income and capital value.

Less Vulnerable

To Economic Cycles

Less Vulnerable To Economic Cycles

Sustainability of the rental base is underpinned by the “need-based” nature of our retailers with an emphasis on convenience and discount. This makes spending and in turn rent less susceptible to economic downturns.


locations for tenants

Affordable locations for tenants

Community shopping centres offer relatively low rents and are cost-effective locations for retailers. This affordability provides strong sustainability of rents and scope for rental growth, as we apply our asset management strategies.


Capital Values

Low Capital Values

Assets can be acquired at historically low capital values providing significant upside potential from improvement, redevelopment and introducing complimentary alternative uses. These are major town centre island sites with exciting mixed use potential.


Initial Yield

High Initial Yield

Community Shopping Centres have high initial yields in real terms and relative to other property assets. Typically 7.5%+ - offering very strong income returns.


Rental Base

Strong Rental Base

70%+ of rent is derived from national retailers, there is a wide spread of tenants and no significant individual tenant exposures. Creates a highly diversified and reliable rental income base.

Ready Availability

Of Finance

Ready Availability Of Finance

UK Shopping centres attract a wide array of mortgage lenders. We have loans from 17 different lenders. This allows us to source attractive debt on terms that helps generate strong investments returns for our investors.


Cash On Cash Returns

Exceptional Cash On Cash Returns

High initial yields and attractive debt finance leads to very strong returns on equity invested. Typically our rental return is more than 10% p.a.

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