Over the last decade, Ellandi has been at the forefront of delivering change in over 35 projects across the UK. As the pace of change accelerates, our community focused, data-driven strategies continue to evolve to create sustainable future places. 


We invest financial and intellectual capital and deliver strategic solutions through development and investment management. We celebrate the individual character of each location and deliver a bespoke, agile approach to each community in which we operate. 


Delivering Change

Since founding the business in 2008, we have delivered change to over 35 projects in partnership with some of the world's leading investors as well as local authorities and other long-term stakeholders. We have a track record of investing in the financial, intellectual and human capital required to invigorate communities across the UK.


Our close working relationship with occupiers provide the unique insight required to deliver sustainable, commercially viable, mixed-use town centres and experience teaches us that putting the needs of local people at the heart of our strategy leads to better outcomes for all stakeholders.


Ellandi's market-leading position is recognised by the senior roles our team play in industry bodies such as Revo and The British Property Federation.


For nearly a decade Ellandi has organised one of the UK's leading real estate conferences #retailrocks.  Bringing together 120 leading investors, occupiers, advisors and local authorities to debate the issues of the day and socialise.

Network Co Working Space

Ellandi has come up with a novel way to deal with redundant retail space at its Marlands Shopping Centre in Southampton - Introducing Network Co-Working Space.

Ellandi is at the heart of the retail placemaking community, recognised by the role of one of our founders, Mark, as the President of Revo in 2019.

Local Dominance

Local Dominance

Successful Community Shopping Centres are locally-dominant retail locations making them the “go to” option for both shoppers and retailers.


Of Customers Visit Weekly

78% Of Customers Visit Weekly

Ease of access and a broad range of products and services that fit into everyday lives create high visit frequency.

Castlegate Business Centre opens in Stockton-on-Tees

Strong Footfall

2-8 MIllion
Strong Footfall 2-8 MIllion

Combination of convenient shopping co-located with core local services generates strong footfall and regular visits. On average an Ellandi scheme gets 6 million visitors per annum. In total the portfolio receives over 160 million annual visits.


Travel under 20 minutes

79% Travel under 20 minutes

Community Shopping Centres are easily accessible by foot, car and public transport, helping to serve a loyal customer base of regular visitors. 79% of our shoppers arrive in less than 20 minutes.



In the last 12 months, Ellandi has undertaken 358 lettings across it's portfolio.

Shaping Future Places

Retail places are undergoing profound structural change. Today's challenges and tomorrows opportunities require inspirational solutions, grounded in experience and data. 


Ellandi's Research and Analytics team produce proprietary research, putting data at the heart of our decision making, allowing us to anticipate market trends and gain a deep understanding of our retailers, shoppers and centres. Undertaking annually the UK's most detailed and geographically diverse intercept survey, enables Ellandi to benchmark performance and implement deliverable strategies. 


Ellandi's agile approach to fast-changing market trends creates innovative solutions to deliver sustainable future places in communities across the UK.


Shop For Convenience

65% Shop For Convenience

Convenience is key to shoppers with the immediacy of product fundamental to the offering. 65% rate convenience as their main purpose for visit.


Satisfaction Rate

95% Satisfaction Rate

Our schemes reflect the needs of their local community. 95% of customers say they found everything they wanted


Visit More Than Once A Week

48% Visit More Than Once A Week

Community Shopping Centres do not compete for retail spend with destination retail centres. 48% visit of our customers visit more than once a week.


Travel Less Than 10 Minutes

46% Travel Less Than 10 Minutes

Covnenience is key, and centres fit into modern everyday living patterns, 46% of customers travel less than 10 minutes.

Average Visit Length of

53 Minutes
Average Visit Length of 53 Minutes

Consistent dwell times and on a daily and weekly basis reflect the essential needs-based element of shopping with a 53-minute average dwell time.


Average Spend

£36 Average Spend

Multiply a £36 average spend by high frequency of visit and a 78% purchase rate and you generate a significant spend captured by our retailers.

Average spend for trips > 2 hours is

Average spend for trips > 2 hours is £78

Average spend doubles to £78 when a shopper stays two hours. This illustrates scope to grow turnover by creating a greater offer and longer dwell times.


Had A Specific Reason To Visit

56% Had A Specific Reason To Visit

Purpose-based essential shopping is more resilient to consumer speeding changes and underpins the stability of Community Shopping Centres 56% identify a set purpose for their visit shopping with a specific reason.

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