Delivering Change

The purpose that place plays at the heart of communities is rapidly evolving. 


We believe this is a once in a generation opportunity to deliver change and create future places across the UK, places that will influence their communities for generations to come.


Our insight-driven strategies start with the recognition that no two places are the same and each one demands an individual approach. 


Our solutions deliver change, through strategic delivery partnerships, designed for long term sustainability.

Shaping Future Places

Amid all the change, the fact that remains unchanged is that people and communities need “place” to anchor a variety of social and leisure activities as well as to service everyday living.


Places need to be re-imagined and re-engaged with their local communities.  They need to support the real needs of the people they serve if they are to be truly sustainable places for the future.


Our approach celebrates the individual, the local and the authentic, using data and insight to align the interests of all stakeholders, including local councils, communities, occupiers and investors. 


We advise on both the optimal plan for each individual asset and on the form and function of its town centre.  We provide a clear vision of the mix and uses which will serve and reinforce the identified purpose of a place.

Creating communities

We are custodians of place and curators of community.  


Community and industry engagement create vibrant places and deliver the right outcomes.  On average, an Ellandi project attracts 6 million visitors a year and we host a myriad of events, from farmers’ markets and job fairs to ghost tours, and support more than 40 different community groups.


Thriving town centres are community hubs and 90% of Ellandi projects house crucial local amenities such as council offices, health services, banks and post offices as well as libraries and sports facilities.  


Each of our centres has a nominated charity, collectively raising tens of thousands of pounds. We provide grants through Project Dirt to help community groups, we are a national sponsor of LandAid, a charity for young homeless people and are members of Purple which champions disability.

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